A Brief Guide To Get Well Giving

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We often give gifts for happy events such as birthdays and weddings, however, there inevitably comes a time where giving a present to someone while in the hospital or recovering from an illness at home is customary. While flowers and balloons may seem like the easiest go-to gift, they can actually be denied by hospitals (due to several concerns including latex allergies and bacteria from vase water) or the recipient ends up with a surplus of flora or floating well-wishes.

So, when it comes time to buoy a friend or family member's spirits, there are some other ways that can you can say "Get Well" with a bit more pizzazz or purpose. Check out some of our get well gift ideas:

Fantastic Food

Let's face it, hospitals are not known for their amazing cuisine. Depending on what the individual is hospitalized for, bringing food from their favorite restaurant or something that they are craving is always welcomed. You can even create a full course meal by adding in everything from appetizers to dessert. It may be helpful to ask the recipient prior to visiting in case there are any restrictions associated with their care.

If the patient is at home sick, bringing some homemade or restaurant prepared soup is always a nice, simple feel better remedy or pick-me-up. Whether in the hospital or at home, sweets are always sure to bring a smile. In lieu of "get well" balloons, you could always give chocolates, cookies or other baked treats in flavors that the individual enjoys or that spread the same message that the balloons would have.

Hospital Essentials

Besides some good grub, anything to make the hospital stay more comfortable would be highly welcomed as well. A nice pair of slippers or a robe can make them feel more cozy than the drab hospital issued garments.  An eye mask  or ear plugs can assist with promoting some shut-eye in the environment that is constantly filled with activity. To keep them busy while recovering at the hospital, some magazines, puzzle activities, or a book are great add-ons to munchies or other gifts.

Gift Basket Goods

There certainly is no shortage of gift baskets available for giving, but sometimes a DIY present works best. If someone is sick or recovering, and possibly home bound, you can create your own gift basket with contents that are relevant for recovery.

Grab a basket from any of your local craft stores and fill it with a bunch of therapeutic must-haves. Some ideas include tissues, magazines, lozenges, a cozy pair of socks, a water bottle, throw blanket, and snacks. Throwing in some over-the-counter medications may seem like a good idea, but not everyone can use them due to allergens, medical conditions, or medication interactions,  so it's best to stay to choose something else instead.

Get Your Gifting On

Bright, cheerful, and colorful is the way to go. Anything that you get should exude positivity, liveliness, and good spirit. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to gift items after someone is out of the hospital or recovered. Keep this in mind for planning purposes.

Bringing yourself for company and support is the best medicine, but if you live far away or there's another reason that you cannot be present, sending something is the next best thing. If you are looking to send something simple, you can always choose one of the aforementioned items and ship direct. In the end, anything that you do to show that you care will definitely mean a lot to whomever you are looking to cheer up!


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