Yes, Galentine's Day Is A Thing!

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We're currently living in an era where traditional holidays are no longer the only special days marked on our calendars. With the introduction of National and International celebration days such as "National Oreo Day" (which actually happens to be coming soon on March 6th), there have been newly designated spinoffs of main holidays such as Friendsgiving, derived from Thanksgiving and Galentine's Day from Valentine's Day.

What is Galentine's Day?

Since we are now celebrating almost anything and everything, it was only natural to discover an occasion to honor and share gifts with some of the most important women in our lives, during the time when we celebrate our relationships with loved ones. Given that the theme is to cherish the lovely ladies, or gal pals in your life, it was only fitting to coin this new day as "Galentine's Day." And just in case you are concerned with it's interference with it's romantic sibling, Valentine's Day, no worries since this is actually scheduled for February 13th (if you are single or anti-Valentine's Day, it is also okay to carry out any Galentine's festivities on V-Day itself).


You're intrigued. So, now you may wonder where and when this holiday was initiated. It is said to have stemmed from an episode of the comedy Parks and Recreation in 2010 as a day dedicated to celebrating female friendships. Amy Poehler's character, Leslie Knope and her friends gathered for brunch in celebration of "Galentine’s Day," complete with cards and gifts. While it has already become widely accepted and observed by card designers, restaurants, salons, etc., we predict that it's popularity will skyrocket year after year. Um, who doesn't need an excuse to get together with their favorite females?

Suggestions For Celebrating

No matter your relationship status, feel free to start recognizing this day with the bestest of the best. Use it as a night to grab a bite with friends to catch up, throw a party, stream or buy tickets to the latest Rom Com, buy a fun present that shouts "Love Ya BFF," go on a shopping spree, or schedule a mini spa day. Many of us wish it could be Galentine's Day everyday, but don't forget to mark your calendars on February 13, as this is definitely something fun and fanstastic that should continue to be acknowledged yearly. Thanks Parks and Rec for giving us another reason to spend time with our besties!



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